What is Coworking?

Coworking is short for collaborative working. It is an emerging style of working in an innovative environment, usually a shared work space, that is more flexible in its approach than traditional office environments. Coworking offers sharing of equipment, resources, ideas, and/or experiences among remote professionals. There are thousands of these shared office spaces, known as coworking spaces, in almost every country on Earth. The coworking model is unique in that workers can choose to remain independent and self-directed, but can often find more opportunities for socializing and networking among like-minded individuals.

Qila Didar Singh Office

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 Join a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, and let collaboration and productivity

flourish in an inspiring environment.

Private office

 Designed for focus and flexibility, these spaces provide a dedicated sanctuary where your ideas can thrive.

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Two to four

 Tailored for small teams and individual professionals these offices offer a secluded haven for focused work.

FROM 15000/MO

Small Team

Our small team private offices offer the ideal setting for collaborative endeavors.

FROM 15000/MO

Share Space

 Embrace the power of shared workspaces, where diverse minds meet, ideas converge, and collaborations ignite

FROM 15000/MO


Available services

Electricity Backup

Air Conditioning


Fast Internet

Meeting Room

Playing Area

Prayer Room

On Site Parking

House Keeping


Benefits to Setting Up Your Startup in Our Coworking Space

We are proud of what we have come up to at our center! Only here you get to enjoy with talented people who work in different areas, designers, photographers, engineers etc. Learn more about joining us today

    01              Actual office space that promoting productivity


    02               Meaningful connections with your team


    03              Increased productivity to get some work done


    04             Comfy accommodations and comfortable couches



Zabata Tech.

I'm incredibly impressed with Smart Qila's software solutions. Their team delivered a highly tailored and efficient solution for my business. It has streamlined our operations and increased our productivity significantly.



The co-working space at Smart Qila has been a game-changer for my productivity. The modern facilities, collaborative atmosphere, and supportive community have allowed me to thrive and network.


Orange University

Smart Qila's tech education initiatives have been invaluable for my career growth. The mentorship programs and skill development resources have equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the digital industry.


Embrace the power of shared workspaces

Unleash Collaboration in Shared Spaces. Join a dynamic community where ideas flow freely and partnerships thrive. Our shared workspaces provide the platform for individuals and teams to coexist, creating a vibrant ecosystem of innovation. From impromptu discussions to planned collaborations, sharing space enriches your work journey.

  • Flexible Workspace
  • Cost-Effective
  • Networking Opportunities



01          What types of workspaces are available at your co-working space?

Our co-working space offers a variety of workspaces, including private offices, dedicated desks, and open seating areas. This flexibility allows individuals and teams to choose the setup that best suits their working style and needs.

02     What amenities are provided to members of your co-working community?


We take pride in offering a range of amenities to enhance the co-working experience. These include high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printing facilities, kitchen areas, and complimentary refreshments. Our goal is to create a productive and comfortable environment for our members.

03      How does your co-working space support collaboration and networking among its members?

  1. We foster a collaborative atmosphere by organizing regular networking events, workshops, and community activities. Additionally, our co-working space is designed to encourage interaction, with communal areas and shared spaces where members can connect and collaborate. We believe in building a vibrant and supportive community for our members.

Feel free to customize the questions and answers based on the specific features and services your co-working space provides.

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